Thatched roof.



My niece, being adorable.

Canal in Kitikyshu.

Natural History Museum, Kitikyshu.


Fancy old European house in Nagasaki.

The Peace Statue in Nagasaki, built ten years after the explosion of the atomic bomb there. As explained by the nearby interpretive sign: the elevated right hand points to the threat of nuclear weapons, the outstretched left hand symbolizes tranquility and world peace, the folded right leg symbolizes quiet meditation, the left leg is poised for action in assisting humanity, a prayer for the repose of the souls of all war victims is expressed in the closed eyes, and divine omnipotence and love are embodied in the sturdy physique and gentle countenance of the statue. 

This wall clock was found in a house near Sanno Shinto Shrine, about 800 meters from the hypocenter of the nuclear bomb explosion in Nagasaki. The clock was shattered by the blast, and its hands stopped at 11:02 -- the moment of the explosion. Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

Tree assist, Kyoto.



Gate to a shinto shrine, Kyoto.

Fountain, Kyoto.

Chocolate IS magic.

Restaurant sign, Kyoto.

Why they're wearing aprons and a hat, I have no idea.

Gate to the Imperial Palace, Tokyo.

Imperial Palace Grounds, Tokyo.

Wildlife, Tokyo.

Tokyo's monorail on its way to Haneda International Airport.